I hope everyone is keeping well during this pandemic.  We all can’t wait for this virus to disappear and get back to normalcy.  I wanted to get some of this information out to all who are interested in joining being the meeting was cancelled.  This team is NOT a definite yet.  We need YOU to sign up to make it happen.

To be clear, this team DOES NOT replace any other cheer team levels that we can have.  It is just an addition.  This team is STRICTLY COMPETITION towards nationals in Orlando, Florida.  The age level is from 14- 18 BUT, there can be exceptions for 13 year olds to participate on this level as long as all the other guidelines are met.  This team would follow the AYC National track which would be in December.  There will be 3 competitions which Jersey Shore in October, Regionals in November, and Nationals in December.  We would have to score high enough to move on to Regionals and then to Nationals.

This team does not have to participate in games due to the highest football team level in AYF/C  is 14u. Each participant would pay for their uniform. This is theirs to keep.  The price of the uniform is not set yet.  I would like the girls to pick them out as a group being we will possibly have all different body shapes.  Once the uniform is picked out, we will order sizing kits for them to try on so the correct size will be ordered for each individual person.  As always they will be cost efficient.  I am also looking into having a paid choreographer.   Camp is still an option as long as we are allowed to attend and  if the parents choose to.  That can be discussed later with all parents as a group the first day of practice.  Each participant will be able to wear any white cheer shoe for competitions.  They do not have to all have the same shoe unless the participants and parents want to.

For those who have fundraiser money in their account, it can be used towards your uniform, bow, camp (if we decide to go), or you can leave it in there and add to it.  Although we don’t know right now when the Governor will open recreations, we will still plan as if everything is a go.  We will continue to keep you informed on any changes in the upcoming season.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at .



Timekoe Rosario

Manchester Hawks

Cheer Commissioner

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