COVID Information Update

Manchester Hawks Families

As some of you know already our organization has been affected by the COVID virus. This illness has been affecting everyone across the Nation and the world. It has always been at our door step and we hoped we would not need to deal with it directly. However here we are.

We are writing this to give all the information we can should your team be affected. When cases of COVID are reported. We will act in accordance to the NJAYF recommendations. This may not always be the same for every case reported based on the information gathered. So please bear with us as we navigate these choppy waters together.

However, the following will always be the same:

  • If you, your children or a family member living in your house contract COVID. We ask that your report to a Board member in a discrete way. (i.e. Phone call, text, email)

    1. We will gather all the necessary information make a few calls and determine exactly what needs to be done. We ask for self-reporting and we are using the honor system in this.

  • Should you, your children or a family member living in your house be exposed to COVID. We ask that you reach out to your coach explain that you have been exposed and are self-quarantining for 4 Days.

    1. This will mean missing practice or a game but for the safety of EVERYONE. This must be done. We assure you that this will not be held against your player on game day upon return.

  • PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR NAMES – We will always protect the privacy of our members so we will never disclose names. The Only information that will be given out is the team that’s effected.

    1. Should the parent of an athlete want to let other know that they are positive it will be their option only.

Mask wearing remains optional at this time and includes player as well. Should you feel your player needs to wear a mask feel free to send them with one.

As always, the Manchester Hawks Board will continue to do the necessary to ensure the protection of our student athletes. So, in return we ask that you do the same. If you are contact traced or found to have been with someone that has COVID Please self-quarantine for 4 days and let a or Board Member know.

Please be safe and healthy


Rob Frazee



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