Election UPDATE!!!!Eligible Voters and Contested Positions

UPDATE on Election Date and Location:

Due to the increase in Co-Vid numbers and the possibility of further state closures, the election for Executive Board officers has been changed to Monday, 11/23/20 at 6:30 pm at the Hawks Nest. Due to the limit on indoor gatherings, only Executive Board members will be allowed able to remain in the building. Ballots will be counted at 7:30 and the the results will be posted on Facebook.

We apologize for the inconvenience  and quick notice. But this will ensure the election is done and will be better for the Organization as a whole.

The 2020 Executive Board Elections will take place on Dec 14th at Town Hall Meeting Room (Basement)  Monday November 23rd @ 6:30 PM There is only one (1) contested position for this election which is the Presidents position.

The vote is a ballot (paper) vote and is counted on premises and reported after the votes are tallied. Due to new restrictions we have to ask you to drop ballots and leave since gatherings are limited to 10 people We will post results on the Facebook page by 10 PM that evening

2020 Positions Available and who is running 

President – CURRENT Jen Uberti OPPONENT Rob Frazee

2nd VP – Rob Frazee (UNOPPOSSED)

Secretary – Annmarie Freyer (UNOPPOSSED)

Football commissioner – Pat Beam (UNOPPOSSED)

Sargent of Arms – Henry Berkebile (UNOPPOSSED)


The list of eligible voters for this election are as follows, 

Jen Uberti

Rich Herr

Rob Frazee

Pat Beam

Jemarr Glenn

Ann Freyer

Skikira Cretella

Henry Berkebile

Timekoe Rosario

Tracey Phillips-Frazee

Stephanie Tirado

Kevin Dunckley

Kelly Dunckley

Rochelle Perez

Melissa Johnson

Mike Johnson

Ashley Jones

Jessica Beam

Marquis Goins

Andrea Vargas

Inga Potenza

Francis Potenza