Football and Cheer Clinics Registration

Football and Cheer Clinics coming soon!!!!

From April 2022 through the start of the season there will be Football and cheer clinics. This year we are asking that you pre register for them so we can gage interest as well as ensure we have enough coaches for all player attending. Only if you are attending on that day. Dates and times are available on each form.

Please register for Cheer Clinics Here

Please register for Football Clinics Here

Also Registration for the 2022 Football and Cheer season is under way. This year we are including new jerseys in our registration however there is one catch. You must be registered by July 8th to receive your name on them and have a choice at numbers. Anyone registering after July 8th will still receive a free jersey however there is no name option and number choices will be limited to what is available.

Please register at


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