Football Pad Requirements to Play or Practice

Every year there is a lot of confusion regarding the needs of a youth football player in regards to the equipment that needs to be purchased. This year we would like to reduce as much of that confusion as we can.

Football players wear pads from their heads to their knees and each one serves a different purpose.  The names describe them VERY accurately

In order to be on the field of play a football player MUST WEAR the following.

  • Helmet 

  • Shoulder Pads 

  • Hip Pads

  • Tail/Butt Pad

  • Thigh Pads

  • Knee Pads

****Please note ****

If any part of this list is missing the player will not be allowed to play the game or participate in practices.

REQUIRED PURCHASE: For Game day the Girdle and knee pads or Pants Pads pictured below are required since our Game day pants do not include them. These can typcially be found in stores like Dicks that cater to sporting equipment.

The below image shows all of the pads that a football player wears or can wear.

Reach out to Craig Gunter, Football Commissioner


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