Its Election Time!!!!! Executive Board positions up for re-election in 2020

Below is a complete list of responsibilities for the available Executive Board Position as well as who currently hold this positions if you are interested in running for one of these positions please reach out to our nomination committee. You must be a member in “Good Standing” to apply for these positions. If you are unsure if you qualify please check with the nomination committee.


All officers, elected or appointed, must be a Regular Member in good standing of MHYFC.  A Member is not in good standing if fees are owing to the MHYFC and/or a disciplinary action has been taken against said Member within the previous two fiscal years.  In order to run for office, they must have attended a minimum of six (6) General Membership Meetings during the fiscal year prior to their election or appointment and must have donated a minimum of thirty (30) verifiable volunteer hours to the projects and programs of the Hawks’. To be able to run for President you have had to hold an elected Executive Board Position for two of the five previous fiscal years prior to running for the President’s Position.

A waiver of the qualifications (excluding outstanding financial obligations) for any office may be approved by a majority vote of the General Membership in good standing present at the October meeting, only if no one who has been nominated for that position meets the criteria set forth.

The nomination committee members are Melissa Johnson and Tracey Phillips-Frazee

PRESIDENT Currently – Jennifer Uberti

Responsible for the day to day operations of this organization, will preside over all Executive Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings, as well as serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, excluding the nominating committee, and shall have absolute power to appoint all appointed board positions, chairpersons and committee members (excluding Assistant Football and Cheer Commissioner- see Section 10.9(C),  has the power or authority to co-sign checks, reviews and accepts all applications for coaching positions of the organization and  Obtains all liability insurance certificates. The President will attend all NJAYF meetings and functions on behalf of this organization. They will vote on matters discussed at the meetings, as reviewed and approved by the Executive Board or in the best interest of this organization. They will present at the monthly General Membership Meetings all copies of correspondence from the New Jersey American Youth Football Jersey Shore Conference meeting. They will present any issues being voted on by the Conference for discussion at the monthly Executive Board meetings. They may only vote when necessary to break a dead lock in voting (unless in an impeachment hearing, then the President has a vote).  In emergency situations, when the Executive Board is not available, the President may be required to make executive decisions which he/she feels are in the best interest of the organization.  Before doing so, the President must contact and consult with at least one other Board member prior to making the decision.  The remainder of the Executive Board must be notified of any executive decisions made by the President as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after the decision was made.

The President will conduct two meetings as President-elect with the outgoing President and Executive Board, and the newly elected Executive Board to coordinate the upcoming calendar of events and budget. Upon completion of their term, they will submit a written report describing the current situation of the organization and any future goals.  He /She shall strictly uphold and enforce all laws and rules of the JSAYF as they relate to this corporation as a franchise thereof.  This position is up for re-election for odd number years.

  1. In the event that a team from MHYFC advances to the AYF championship games, the President shall have coach class airfare and reasonable accommodations paid for by MHYFC. All arrangements must be approved by the Executive Board.
  2. In the event that the President is unable to attend as the MHYFC representative, he/she may appoint another Executive Board member to attend. The appointed board member shall also have the benefits set forth in 16.1(A). The President shall make every effort to appoint a Board Member with a child on a team competing in the championship.
  3. If the President or the appointed Executive Board member has a child on the competing team, the President or designee shall not be afforded the provisions set forth in 16.1(A) above.


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Currently – Rob Frazee

Performs all duties of the President and First Vice President in their absence. Responsible for concession stand staffing, food and beverage preparations for all events and obtaining licensing from the Board of Health. This Office will be up for election for odd number years.


SECRETARY Currently –  Annmarie Freyer

Shall keep an accurate account of all meetings; Executive, Special and General Membership Meetings of MHYFC.  They shall prepare copies of the monthly minutes for membership review at the General Membership Meetings. Maintains a current accurate list of all General Membership in good standing from which voting eligibility will be determined. They are responsible for all incoming and outgoing correspondence.  All outgoing correspondence must be approved by the President before they are mailed. Upon receiving the list of members who have outstanding balances, the Secretary must notify member in writing of the amount owed to the organization and that they will have until September 15th to pay all amounts due. The Secretary will be responsible to get all monthly minutes to each Executive Board member one (1) week prior to the Board and General Membership Meetings.  This Office will be up for election for odd number years.


SERGEANT OF ARMS Currently – Henry Berkebile

Shall maintain order at all meetings and organization events.  They shall act as the secretary in their absence. They shall chair the Buildings and Grounds Committee and be responsible for clean- up of the field on game days. This Office will be up for election for odd number years.



The Manchester Hawks Youth Football and Cheer shall sponsor two program activities annually:  Football and Cheerleading.  Direct control over these programs shall be charged to the Football and Cheerleading Commissioners.

They shall perform whatever duties are charged to them either by this Constitution and By-Laws and the Executive Board.

They shall be afforded administrative charge over their respective programs and shall serve at the will of the President. They may, at their choosing, request for and recommend the appointment of Assistant Commissioners by the President. Assistant Commissioners shall be afforded all rights and be charged with all duties of the Commissioners in their absence, except for voting privileges.

Commissioners shall maintain a strict vigilance over their respective programs. Commissioners, along with Head Coaches of each team, ensure that each participant is eligible to participate.

     FOOTBALL COMMISSIONER Currently – Jemarr Glenn

  1. Shall coordinate player development among all franchise coaches and program continuity with and between area high school programs.
  2. Shall notify the Executive Board of all coaching assignments. However, coaches with a unfavorable background checks will be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Commissioners may remove coaches utilizing the provisions set forth in the hearing process Section 22 until a full hearing is complete.
  3. Shall maintain Property Inventory, which shall include assuring that MHYFC have ample equipment and uniforms for the programs that we offer and that said equipment and uniforms are clean, in good repair, and safe.
  4. Provide reports in writing to the Executive Board in December and March of each year regarding property inventory and condition of said inventory.
  5. Ensures team certifications
  6. Commissioners are responsible for maintaining their respective areas until their term and transition period are complete.
  7. Shall further be responsible for the reviewing of all first level complaints filed against any coach and/or staff member
  8. Arrange all scrimmages prior to the regular season.
  9. This office will be up for re-election for odd number years